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oh Ellie...

what are you? My counselor???
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Welcome to the ellie__nash community. If you love Degrassi, and you love Ellie, then this is most certainly a community for you. Tell your friends... tell them to tell their friends. The more the merrier. Right?

So yes, this is the place to discuss the character of Ellie Nash on Canadian TV's Degrassi. What do you like/dislike/want to happen with her/theories/ETC. For general Degrassi discussion, check out degrassi_tng. Of course you can talk about the show here... but lets try to just focus on Ellie, for the most part.

Just play nice and respect the opinions of others... and no excessive spam.

If you find spoilers, please share them. <3

Pictures, icons, banners are all welcomed and encouraged.

Have fun, kids.

by the way... I'm Lacey, your moderator (so_cinematic). If you've got any questions/concerns/suggestions or you want to help out with anything here... just let me know.